Muppet Has Been Homed


Muppet has been homed – 20.3.21.

Muppet is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 3rd of March 2021 and he was born in June 2017.

He is a friendly, happy chap who enjoys having cuddles and snuggles with his human friends!

Muppet enjoys going out for his walks, he will trot along next to you, exploring new places with confidence.  Watch out for those wildlife creatures who may pop out to say ‘hello’, young Muppet may see them and decide it would be fun to chase them!

He enjoys being outside and on the go, he would love a family who enjoy being outside just as much as he does but his other favourite past time is a nice snuggle with his human friends, he hopes he doesn’t have to wait long to find his family so he’s dreams can come true!

Muppet can jump in a car with ease, but does try it on that he can’t do it sometimes but then once in settles down, waiting to arrive at an exciting place with you!

The boy enjoys his food and will give you a clean boy at every meal time, Muppet has a sweet tooth and treats go down very nicely too!  He takes food and treats from your hands very gently and waits until you are ready to give him those little extras!  What a gentlemen he is!

This lad could be an only dog in the house or he could live with another greyhound.  At this stage in his training, he is quite happy to watch smaller dogs, he would benefit from some socialisation classes or meeting new people out on walks so he can build up his repertoire of friends – big and small!

Muppet meeting Jake, at this stage in his training he is deciding that looking away is best when around smaller dogs.

A home with teenagers would be his dream or some humans that can play with him and his toys he would also enjoy. He likes to follow you around either for some cuddles or to enjoy some play bowing sessions with you.

Muppet enjoys playing with you and with his toys, he likes soft fluffy ones, hard, tennis balls and footballs.  He will carry on playing until he hasn’t got any energy left, then he will carry his favourite one to his bed for some much needed snooze time.

Are you looking for an active greyhound or do you enjoy walking in the countryside?  If the answer is yes, give the adoption line a call and we will be happy to arrange a viewing to see Muppet.

No cats please.

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