Paddy Has Been Homed


Paddy has been homed – 18.5.24.

Paddy is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on the 5th April 2024 and he was born on the 15th of April 2020.

Look at those fantastic ears, just amazing!

He is a friendly, happy chap and just loves those cuddle times with his human friends.

Paddy just LOVES to play with his toys especially those soft, cuddly and squeaky ones!  He is a chap that also loves playing with his greyhound friends, especially the girls!  Paddy will play bow and bark in front of them until they decide to play with him!

After all the excitement he will seek out his trusted, human companion for some cuddle time.

He enjoys his walks and can walk very nicely on the lead but has the potential to be stronger if he sees something of interest.  Paddy can also easily jump into a car for his outings and loves going out in the car and exploring new places.

Paddy has met a range of other breeds of dog, he is curious about smaller dogs and is still learning to greet them in a positive way.  Larger dogs, Paddy will say ‘hello’ to and then is quite happy to carry on his walk again.

This lad is becoming used to home living and is well on the way to becoming house trained.  Paddy is used to household sounds including a T.V, washing machine, hoover and other large appliances.

Paddy with his friend Topaz enjoying some sofa time together.

He would be best suited to a home with children over 10 years, Paddy can get over excited when he wants to play and may knock a younger child over.  Paddy could also be an only dog or be a companion to another greyhound or other larger breed of dog with careful introductions.

Paddy is a boy who loves his food so watch out in the kitchen, put away those tasty treats!  As he’s character grows more of his personality is showing and what a lovely dog he is becoming!  This is one dog you do not want to miss.

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