Phoebe Has Been Homed

phoebe greyhound

Phoebe in her foster home

Phoebe has been homed.

She is a friendly, affectionate and fun, spayed, fawn bitch who was born in January 2008.

Phoebe has had a rough time on the homing front as she is one of those dogs that seems to “boomerang” back to us repeatedly. She’s a dog in need of real stability, firm ground rules and lots of understanding, patience and consistency of training.

It’s vital that when this girl goes home this time it is to a genuine home for life and we’ll have to be 100% confident that the family is right for her and that they are willing and able to work through her insecurities.

Please do not be offended therefore if we lead you toward an alternative greyhound. Phoebe’s welfare is of paramount importance to us and we’d much rather that Phoebe stayed in her foster home long term that risk distressing her with another move that we are not totally convinced is right for her. She’s had an unsettling few years and we feel it has affected her.

Phoebe can be well behaved both on and off the lead. In her foster home she is proving a very sociable girl. She is sharing her home with a lively Cocker Spaniel, a child and 2 cats without problems. She does however have meet and greet issues with some other dogs, most commonly other greyhounds and she will on occasion growl and be unfriendly toward those unknown to her. Once  walking/mixing “in the pack” she is absolutely fine.

Phoebe is a girl that needs plenty of exercise and she enjoys long walks with her Spaniel house mate.

Phoebe is genuinely cat friendly having lived with cats in all her homes and foster homes.

A very loving and cuddly girl, she’d be best in a home with company for most of the day. She’d also need a home with another dog or dogs for company as Phoebe can get distressed being left alone. Unfortunately she has a strong aversion to crates too, so crate training won’t work with Phoebe.

One thought on “Phoebe

  1. Nige says that we couldn’t possibly have Phoebe as we would get confused. Not surprising as Phoebe is our Cleo’s twin sister – same litter, same colouring, but rather more confident by all accounts. Would be lovely for the twins to meet.

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