Piper Has Been Homed


piper black female greyhound

Piper (now named Pippa) has been homed.

She was sharing her home with a variety of other breeds of dog including a small terrier. We look forward to hearing how she settles shortly.

She is an average size, black, spayed bitch with a friendly, fun and playful disposition who was born in October 2008.

A very cuddly little girl who sadly looks somewhat older than she is. She may have a prematurely grey face, but this little lady is certainly not old in spirit.

Piper can be strong on the lead, she does respond to correction, but currently needs frequent reminders.

We have tried Piper with toys, at the moment she has little interest in them. She would much rather have a game of chase with you, have a cuddle or even just be around you.

Piper has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around them. With further experience we feel she’ll soon adapt to making friends with unfamiliar sizes and shapes of dog.

No cats please.


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