Lucy Has Been Homed


Lucy greyhound small playful

Lucy has been homed.

She is a small sized, lively and playful, spayed black bitch who was born in April 2010.

Lucy is familiar with home life, she has come back to us due to a change of circumstances and through no fault of her own to now look for a new home.

Lucy gives us no cause for concern around other dogs, she is familiar with all shapes and sizes and a nice easy girl to walk out on a lead.

She would be best suited as an only pet, but she could share her home with an easy going and tolerant male dog only.

Lucy loves to play with toys, the travels well in a car and is keen to get in for her outings.

An adult only home or one with older teenagers from an experience doggy household is preferred since Lucy does require some remedial training in respect of sharing toys and bed space etc.

No cats please.

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