Stanley Has Been Homed


Stanley has been homed – 10/7/20

Stanley is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 27th April 2020 and his birthday is on the 14th May 2015.

He is a medium sized, handsome, muscular male with plenty of love to give to his new owners.

Stanley has a disability and is looking for that special home, his owners will need to help him, love him for his character and not for his looks.  He was born blind in his left eye and has less than half his eye sight in his right eye.  This disability did not stop him racing and boy was he quick!

He has lived in a home for a while and is house trained but will need to be reminded, Stanley is clean in his kennel and always gives the kennel hands a big hello when it is his turn to come out.

This adorable lad has oodles of funny antics, loves human company and would stand all day for a cuddle, he even gives kisses!  You really wouldn’t know he had such poor eye sight as he copes very well and the only thing you would need to help him with, will be standing in the right place to go through a door but once he is used to your home environment he won’t need anymore help.

Stanley is a loveable hunk, the kennel hands have all fallen in love with him. He will come to you when called as he knows he is going to get a cuddle with one of his human friends, watch out though he is a solid boy and he breaks at the last moment!

He can get a little play nippy when he is excited but calms down quickly enough once told to.  He will play with toys and can amuse himself quite happily with soft cuddly ones but also enjoys a good game of chase me with his human friends, you know who will win those races though!

He enjoys his walks and can be very nosey, sniffing everywhere! He does walk nicely but hasn’t lost that chase instinct if some wildlife crosses his path!  Stanley can easily jump into a car and settles down once the engine has started.

Stanley loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles. He loves his food and will always eat his meals, ensuring the bowl is shiny afterwards and is gentle taking treats from his human companion. You will always notice Stanley’s tail as it is always happy. How can you not love Stanley?

He enjoys his daily brushing and teeth cleaning and almost goes to sleep whilst this is going on!

We are looking for an adult only home or home with older teenagers.  Stanley would prefer a home with no other dogs but could live with a calm dog and can be left for a few hours at a time.  Due to Stanley not being able to see very well he wouldn’t know if someone or animal were creeping up on him on his left hand side which would startle him.

Stanley is like an overgrown, friendly puppy, he has met other breeds of dog and after careful introductions would be able socialise with them.

Who has fallen for the adorable Stanley?  If you have please get in contact, he certainly does deserve his own special family.

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