Summit Has Been Homed


Summit has been homed – 24.1.22.

Summit is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 12th August 2021 and he was born on 23rd of February 2016.

He is a friendly, calm and affectionate boy, who is learning about ‘outside of racing kennels’, what it looks and feels like.

Summit raced a large number of races and has spent his entire life in a racing kennel, before coming to Greyhound Lifeline.  He has had very limited time outside of the kennel, (more limited then other racing greyhounds, no paddock to play in or stretch those legs of his), been for a walk, seen cars, in a house, heard all the every day sounds that we all take for granted.

Summit enjoying being on the grass.

Summit is learning fast and is starting to enjoy life outside of the kennel walls, however sometimes life is too scary for this chap and he needs reassurance from the people around him, slowly he is starting to enjoy more and more.

Summit (with blue muzzle on).

This chap finds change harder than some other greyhounds do, little by little he is becoming more confident in his surroundings and with the new people who care for him.  Summit has been going out for extra walks in this ‘big busy world’ and what a good boy he has been.  We have met lots of dogs up close, further away, owners with one or up to five or six other breeds of dog racing around.  We’ve seen cattle, deer and of course those naughty squirrels that play tricks on our greyhound friends, that make them bounce up and down!  Summit decided to just watch them very carefully and keep all paws on the ground!

‘What can I see?’

During his first outtings Summit was very excited to see everything, so much to take in and learn about!  He did sleep well that night!  On his second outting Summit was a lot calmer and enjoyed his walk with his greyhound friends, he has said ‘hello’ to other breeds of dog and mostly he just wants to play but he needs to learn on how to greet other dogs, as he is quite large.

He is learning to play with people and with his greyhound friends.  Summit is becoming happier to eat outside of his kennel now and mostly has a good appetite.  He still is a little unsure what some treats are but give him a soft one and he will gladly take it from you.

Summit has had a large dental with us, he had 12 teeth out, we are gradual changing his food back from soft to normal kibble as he’s mouth is healing well.  The change in his behaviour/temperament since having the operation is quite significant,  without those naughty teeth being there, giving him discomfort, he can now start living life to the full again!

This gorgeous chap needs time to get to know he’s new family so we would recommend, if his new owners live locally to come over several times before his homing day so he can get to know them properly.  We will arrange other activities with his new family, where possible, to make the transition for kennel to home as smooth as possible.  Summit would do well with a crate in his new home, which will give him a safe place to be in and this will help him to watch what’s going on without having to be involved in it if he chooses not to be.

Any new family that are interested in Summit, we will support as much as we can to ensure everything is as smooth as can be.  Please note that your application to view/home Summit may be turned down and redirected towards another greyhound, if we feel that it isn’t quite right for Summit’s needs.  Summit is going to need a special home, one that has experience with greyhounds, separation anxiety training will be the key to his success.  He is a lovely boy and been through so much already in only a few years.

Summit enjoying a head rest on his pal Captain.

He has always got a waggy tail, meets new people with growing confidence with his human friends giving him reassurance.  Summit could be rehomed with another sighthound, he looks to his doggie friends for advice in new situations.  This is due to spending so much time with another greyhound whilst in racing kennels.  He is however making huge progress, he has only been with us for a few weeks and has learnt so much.  Summit does enjoy snuggling up to another greyhound for sleepy time.  He would also be good as an only dog if somebody was going to be home most of the day.

Summit can walk nicely on a lead however this is still a work in progress.  This lad can be strong on the lead at times, however if he is walked on a Canny then he’s strength is contained.  He travels well and can get himself in and out of the car by himself.  This boy is a must to be seen if you love the special ones, he has oodles of character that is starting to show.  His favourite game is an early game of play bowing with his canine friends, first thing in the morning!

Summit has met our small dog friend Chloe and after a good sniff all over, he realised that she is just a small dog and he will let her be around him.  He needs to now go out, meet and greet a range of other dogs, up close and also just to stand with his owner whilst being around other breeds.  He has made a lot of progress with this already out on his walks – in the big wide world, I would hope he will continue to make steady progress with this.

Summit greeting small Chloe nicely using his manners.

This cheeky boy isn’t quite sure what toys are yet, but in time I’m sure he will learn the fun you can have with them.  Summit does love a cuddle with his human friends and he certainly gives a special hug.

Is there a family out there who can give this hunk of a greyhound the home that he so deserves?

Who can resist a ‘roman nose’  with a story to tell like Summit’s?

There really isn’t a bad bone in this lad, a home of his own will make this lads dream come true.  Let’s give him a home where he enjoy life and be spoilt to make up for all those years he has lost being in a home environment.

Don’t miss out on him, call our adoption line on 07769348310 to find out more about Summit.

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