Troy Has Been Homed


Troy has been homed – 9.7.24.

Troy is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on the 13th of June 2024 and he was born on the 6th of May 2018.

He is a friendly, happy gentleman who is looking for a home to relax in.

Troy loves his food and is very gentle at talking treats.  He likes his bed and he isn’t an early riser, you may have to wake him if you need to feed him at an earlier time!

This chap gets very excited when it comes to walk time, he will play bow infront of you, wagging his tail waiting for his lead to be put on.  Troy likes you to know that he is on the end of the lead by being a bit of a steam train and giving a bit of a tug!  He walks happily on a Canny that does take the pull out of the lead and makes his walk a happier one for all.  Troy has such a lovely character you can’t but help fall in love with him.

How can you resist this gentleman?

Having a good cuddle with Troy will mean you have to tickle his belly too, don’t stop though as he will ask you to continue with those big eyes and a few paws to keep you going!  Well done fellow.

He can jump into the car ready for his walks, this lad loves plodding along on walks and is happy to walk for a good 30 – 40 minute.  Troy broke his hock which finished his racing days, he now has some metal work in his leg which doesn’t slow him down but he isn’t a lad that would want long walks.  He is very happy on his walks and enjoys being out and about with you, he then will enjoy a good sleep at home and playtime in the garden is a must for this boy.  Troy particularly enjoys playtime in the sand pit, where he loves digging and then laying down in the cool sand.

Troy loves meeting new people out and about and will often go to a new person for a cuddle and a good lean!  He loves going to new places for his walks.  Troy has met a range of different breeds and has greeted them all positively, he only wishes he could go and play with them all!

This lad is housetrained and understands house rules, you won’t even know that he is with you most of the time, he is so quiet and just loves to sleep!

This chap is fine to be left for a few hours on his own and is quiet overnight.  All Troy wants is his own family and somebody that can spend sometime with him giving him lots of cuddles and snuggles!

He is looking for his own home that he can relax in, have lots of cuddles and just enjoy home living with a family. Troy loves to play with other dogs and with toys, there is always a toy around his bed!  This lad loves to rest on a bed that is away from all the crowds, a bed in a quiet corner he would love, Troy also enjoys resting inside a crate where he can have a quiet snooze away from all the noise.

Troy would be happy to share his home with another dog or one on his own, he would prefer a quieter home but would be happy to live with or without children.  Could you give Troy a home he deserves?

Just look at that face, he really is a super star and so deserves that home of his own.

Who is going to contact us? Could it be you?

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