Ziggy Has Been Homed


Ziggy has been homed.


He is an average sized, gentle, friendly and loving black, castrated male who was born in August 2010.

Ziggy tend to pull on the lead when out walking. He is responsive to consistent correction, but we walk him in a Canny Collar to make control much easier. He travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings.

Ziggy loves to play with his kennel mate but also with toys.  His best game is playing chase with his friends up and down the yard.  Ziggy also loves chasing after toys that have been thrown especially soft cuddly toys but also tennis balls.  Whilst he is playing Ziggy can get a little excited and forgets that jumping up is not acceptable. This is a work in progress for Ziggy currently.

Ziggy would be suitable an an only pet if someone was around for most of the day or as a companion to another dog/bitch of large size.  With a friend Ziggy could be left for a few hours quite happily.


He’d be best suited to a home with teenage children or adults only.

Ziggy shows all the signs of potentially being a nice, fun, family pet.  At this point in time Ziggy needs more time around medium sized dogs and smaller.  We are working with our behaviourist so Ziggy can become more familiar with smaller breeds and learn acceptable behaviour when around them.  He is starting to respond to correction positively but needs a firm handler who will show him how to behave.

No cats please.

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