Pilgrim has been homed – 21.4.21.

Pilgrim is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 6th April 2021 and he was born on the 28th September 2017.

He can be nervous around new people and will not ‘sell’ himself in a viewing.  This lads nervous side can unfortunately get the better of him when he first sees new people.  We would ask you to not over look this boy due to his anxious side.  Pilgrim has made some good friends with a few of the kennel hands that he sees daily and will greet them with a big waggy tail and lots of ‘Pilgrim cuddles and kisses’.  He just needs a little time and patience as once he trusts you, a loving boy comes out of his shell and you will not believe that it is the same dog!

Pilgrim with his best friend ‘Sparko’ having playtime fun!

Pilgrim is quiet within his kennel but enjoys time out in the yard with a greyhound friend who he can run around with and play ‘catch me!’  This lad would benefit from having another dog in the house or a human companion who will only be leaving him for short periods of time.

We would ask for a quiet home with no young children, Pilgrim could live with older teenagers who are familiar with dogs.

‘Catch me’ with Sparko.

He loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car, unaided. This boy can walk nicely on a lead and enjoys going out for his walks.

Pilgrim has shown he can be sociable with other breeds, if correct socialisation is carried out.

Pilgrim meeting little Jake.

He enjoys being outside, either going out for walks or just stretching his legs in an enclosed area.

“I’m coming!”

There is a lot for Pilgrim to learn about the outside world, with time and a confident owner he will learn and his true character will start to shine.  Pilgrim will not show his true colours in a viewing, he needs to learn to trust his human friends, before he becomes more confident around them.  Poor Pilgrim might be overlooked because of this, he would love to have a viewing and a home, just like his other friends.

How can you not resist this very special lad?

Pilgrim enjoys a good game of chase, with his soft toys, he will then pick them up and toss them into the air, for the fun to continue, whilst he is running around at top speed!

This lad needs time to settle into a home and an owner who is confident.  They need time to spend with Pilgrim earning his trust and give him space to develop his character in a new environment.  Any owner who takes on this lad will not look back, once Pilgrim has become more confident, he is such a loving boy who just wants his own home.  In just a few days his confidence has grown massivley around people he knows well.

Call the adoption line and come and meet Pilgrim – what a fantastic lad he is!

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