Good News for the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you all for your support over 2018 and we look forward to working with everyone throughout 2019, finding homes for the greyhounds in our care.

Petplan Awards:

Greyhound Lifeline has been nominated to be Animal Charity of the Year by our supporters.

With zero paid staff or management at Greyhound Lifeline, we are very proud to be 100% volunteer staffed and led 365 days a year.  Well done team!

First Homing of the Year:

Jedi was the lucky greyhound this week as he left the centre to join his new family.  He was a busy boy before leaving, trying on new coats and finding leads and muzzles to match!  He is going to look very handsome in the colour red.


Thank you to Ashworth vets in Fleet and their clients for the collection that took place over the Christmas period.  We are very grateful for the donation of food, treats and toys.


Are you having an after Christmas clear out? Do you have a selection of unwanted gifts that you are wondering what to do with?

If you do then we’d love to receive them for fundraising purposes. Un-opened smellies, perfume, childrens’ toys, games (board and electronic), DVD`s, jewellery and small electrical items including power tools, radios, computer accessories and watches are most wanted.

Thank you to all who donate and support our work. Please contact us for information about where to drop off donated items.

If you are unsure about the suitability of your items please email our fundraising team on –

Homed Dogs:

Fizz and Jedi.

Dogs in Foster Care:

Annie and Orca.


Reserved Dogs:

Mars and Tigger.

Fish Appeal:

Our greyhounds rather like their fishy dinners but our stocks are getting low, somebody has eaten all the fish!  We would be rather grateful if you could donate a tin or two.  The greyhounds seem to like best sardines and pilchards, we ask they are in oil, spring water or tomato sauce, please no brine.  Lycan and his friends will be very happy to see the stocks reappear!  Thank you.

Toy Appeal:

We are getting low on soft toys for our kennel hounds, if you have any spare dog toys at home that you wouldn’t mind donating, our greyhounds would love to have them!
Please can we ask that they are non-squeaky toys, thank you.

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