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The Independent Greyhound Lifeline

As of Tuesday 21st February Greyhound Lifeline is a fully ‘Independent Retired Greyhound Rehoming Group’.

This afternoon we welcomed our first nine dogs into the centre.  The new additions are – Mr T, Noddy, Bolt, Isaac, Beau, Dibble, Eric, Hugo and Snoopy.

Over the next few days and as the dogs settle in we will be taking photographs of these handsome boys and will be able to update you on their descriptions.

We look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday 23rd February so you can meet our new resident hounds.

We will not have nearly as many resident greyhounds as we did whilst a branch of the Trust so dog walkers please bear with us if we cannot provide sufficient dogs for you to all walk in the early days.

We will continue to be open daily between 11am and 1pm for the sale of dog food and a limited number of other items from now until such time as our current rented site is sold.

Shop sales as an independent group will begin with limited choice and quantity.

The farm on which we are based is still being sold, but progress is slow. For your information and for our peace of mind there is a secure, accommodation “safety net” for the new resident dogs in place.


We will continue to require your donations of unwanted children’s toys, games (board, electronic and PlayStation/Xbox type), kitchen gadgets, utensils and crockery. Jigsaws, DVDs (not video tapes please), CD’s, ornaments and unopened/unwanted toiletries etc for fundraising purposes after 20th February when Greyhound Lifeline will become an independent non profit organisation. We hope you will continue to help us support greyhounds needing homes through fundraising sales as an independent, just as you have done whilst we were a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. After 20th February please contact us for information about where to drop off donated items or email us –

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