Blizard arrived on the 6th February 2022 and he was born on the 20th October 2017, since 16th March 2022 he has been in foster care, whilst he recovers from his tail amputation.

This lad is a friendly and active boy who enjoys being around people.  Blizard is very affectionate towards his human friends and will often be seen given a good lean, whilst having a cuddle with them!

He loves to play with toys, his favourite being soft ones, that he can enjoy running around with.

Blizard is such a very, happy, boy that unfortunately he has made his tail poorly, the happier he becomes.  This boy’s tail is very whippy and is often heard banging against his kennel door, a very happy soul he is!

Blizard being looked after at the Ark after his tail amputation.

He recently has had part of his tail amputated to solve the problem and enable him to wag his tail without hurting it.  Blizard is recovering in a foster home, he has been very well behaved and is quickly learning the rules of the house.  He is currently sharing the house with five other greyhounds, four of which are boys.  Blizard loves his toys and this is shown in many of the photos!  He does have one main area that he needs to conquer and that is laying on a bed without his bottom or head on the floor!  A typical greyhound then!

Blizard is house trained, asks when he needs to go outside, he is a non counter surfer but don’t be fooled as he can quite easily pull plates/bowls of the sides if they are left too close to the edge!

Blizard after his recent operation.

This friendly boy is confident around the other greyhounds, seeks people out for cuddles and ‘fun’ times with.  He is loving his extended walks and responds well to his trainer when around other breeds of dog, already making some good progress.

He loves you even more when you take him out for a walk!  Blizard is learning that if you stand still whilst your lead is put on, the quicker you can leave the house!

Blizard having a snooze!

He has met other breeds of dog, he can get a little bit excited around smaller breeds but is easily controlled wearing a Canny and responds extremely well to his handler.   During his short stay in foster, he has met a range of dogs every day on his walks, he is adapting his behaviour and listens well to his trainer and also the other greyhounds he walks with, show him the correct way to behaviour.  Well done Blizard!

Blizard would be best suited to a home with teenagers or an adult only home.

He is very responsive to his handler, once he trusts them and is learning new commands in his small dog training sessions.  He will happily run to you for some attention, upon hearing your voice.

He is a boy who loves his food, he has an appetite that can go on and on!

Anyone interested in adopting Blizard should contact the rehoming team who can give you more information about this lad.

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