Abbie Has Been Homed


picture of Abbie the greyhound

Abbie is homed (October 2012).

She is a tall, gentle and initially shy, black, spayed bitch who was born in December 2005.

(She has been diagnosed with a very mild, grade 1 heart murmur. She leads a perfectly normal and active life and requires no medication. Please see the end of this page for more information.)

Abbie walks beautifully on a lead, she travels well and is keen to get into a car for her outings.

She is clean and quiet in the home. She is able to be left for reasonable periods without problems and she is sociable with all shapes and sizes of dog.

Abbie is very wary of strangers, but given a little time and patience, she is a lovely gentle girl who adores a fuss. Abbie has serious “cupboard love”, feeding her treats helps a lot with winning her confidence. A tooth chatterer who rattles away regularly when happy.

Abbie picture

Abbie in her foster home

Abbie would best suit an adult home or one with older teenagers who appreciate her nervousness around strangers. Not the best one for a bustling, party type home with lots of visitors, but ideal in a quiet and calm home.

Abbie would be fine as an only pet or as a companion to another dog or dogs of any size.

Abbie has a heart murmur, however, please don't overlook Abbie for adoption.
Please look at our information about Greyhound Heart Murmurs

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