Anna Has Been Homed


Anna black bitch 1

Anna has been homed.

She is a friendly and very affectionate black bitch who was born in April 2009.

Anna generally walks well on the lead. We are currently walking her on a harness as we are waiting for her neck to fully recover from a recent salivary gland operation. Those glands were malfunctioning and not draining hence the operation, but the excellent news is that after tests the glands showed no sinister conditions. She now back to full health.

Anna has met other breeds of dog and although perhaps a little too interested initially she is actually so motivated to please you that she responds quickly to correction. Correction and then reward (a stroke, a soft glance or even a “good girl” all work well for Anna once she has stopped the undesirable behaviour.

This little girl has lots of potential to make an amazingly loving pet. It’s quite possible she’d make a first class therapy dog as well once she’s mastered the other dog greeting aspect as people are very much Anna’s main love in life.

We feel that Anna would suit children aged 10 years and over.

New arrival Anna is playful girl who likes toys.

Anna likes toys generally and she is fine about letting you take them back. She iOS however rather too responsive to squeaky toys. We therefore are looking at a home with older children for Anna.

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