Bear Has Been Homed


Bear has been homed – 28/4/18.

He is a confident, friendly, male who was born on 25th July 2013.

Bear enjoys going out for walks, he can walk nicely on the lead, however if his chase instinct is triggered he can become very strong.

He loves to play with his toys, Bear especially loves cuddly ones, he is not very keen on sharing his toys with you at this point, we will be working on this with him over the coming weeks.

Bear loves his food and is very gentle taking treats from your hand.

He has met other breeds of dog and he is becoming familiar around them especially smaller ones, with time and training he will accept them as friends.  He will need to be watched around livestock especially horses, a strong handler is a must for this boy.

Bear is a very friendly chap and loves to lean in to you for cuddles.  He could be an only dog or live with a female greyhound. He would love some older teenagers to play with as he is becoming a talented football player!

Bear arrived at the kennels on 30/3/18 as we get to know him better more information will be made available.

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