Diva Has Been Homed


Diva has been homed – 4.9.21.

Diva, is a retired racing greyhound she came into our care at the end of April 2021 and then we rehomed her in May 2021.  Unfortunately she has been returned to us due to the rapid, unexpected, ill health of her owner, that meant she could no longer look after Diva.

This lovely, gentle girl is settling back into the kennel environment but we know she is missing those home comforts, could you be her new owner?

Diva was born on the 23rd July 2016 and she is a friendly, stocky, playful girl who just loves to have fun!

She is housetrained but as with all new dogs, she needs to learn how to tell you if she needs to go the toilet!  Diva is a very quick learner!

This lass is in her element with toys, she loves chasing after thrown ones and will zoom around with the chosen toy in her mouth until she gets tired! She is very happy to play by herself as well as enjoying the time she spends with you too.

Diva has also learnt that furry slippers also make a good play mate!  She certainly has character!  At the moment, Diva has a favourite toy “a blue, ball”, she takes it everywhere with her and has been caught sleeping with it, in her mouth!

Diva enjoys going for a walk, she is keen to investigate all that she finds with a big waggy tail and those sticky up ears!  She walks nicely on a slack lead, Diva mostly will walk by your side, enjoying the special time with you.

On her daily adventures she is getting familiar with a variety of sounds – cars, trucks, people, children and nothing seems to faze her. Diva has seen many dogs from a far and quite close, most she would love to have a run around with.

She listens well to her handler whilst out and about.  Diva has met a range of dogs, she can behave very positively around them and just wants to say hello too.  Diva just loves being outside and on a walk, she will walk as far as you would like her too and behaves well when out and about.  She is so fascinated by her new environment but will take in one thing at a time with confidence.

Diva with her greyhound friends.

She is a good eater, enjoying treats and bones too!  She could live with children over the age of 8 years who are used to being around dogs.  Look at her gorgeous ears!

Diva would be suitable to live as an only pet or as a companion to a non dominant male dog.

She is loving her different walks and isn’t fazed by anything she meets or hears on her them.  Sometimes when she sees other dogs playing and having fun, she will make a small high pitch cry as she wants to join in, however she listens very well to her handler and will stop.  Despite this very quick and quiet noise she will not pull on the lead and we walk on with you.

Diva greeting Chloe positively.

What better thing to enjoy on a walk than to find those little squirrels! Diva enjoys watching them in the trees and may try to chase them if they are running around the trees!  Although she may be at the end of the lead during this play sessions, she doesn’t pull too much and just enjoys the game!

Drink time after a long walk, she is quite happy to share the water bowl with a friend.

This girl travels well and is keen to get into a car for her outings.

Her favourite thing is to run around with someone’s shoe in her mouth, saying “You can’t catch me!”  Diva can climb stairs but will come down when told. She is a good sleeper and no ‘wake ups’ in the night for this one.  She has lived in a home with six other greyhounds, whilst she was in our care, before her homing, she learnt how to behave around other large dogs and also the pecking order. I’m sure she will learn this again, very quickly if going to live with other dogs.

Diva is a loving girl who just wants to find her own sofa, she is very gentle and enjoys being around people.

Please give our adoption line a call to find out more about her.

No cats please.

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