Hermit Has Been Homed


Hermit has been homed – 6.3.21.

Hermit is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 8th February 2021 and he was born on the 11th June 2017.

He is a friendly, fun, loving boy who can be a little shy on an initial meeting however he quickly comes out of his shell, to show you the fun, inquisitive boy that he really is.  Never a dull moment with this chap around!

Watch out for his cheeky side that Hermit has – he likes to paddle in water, making you and him wet!  Hermit likes to help with the eating and washing up, you may want to ban him from the kitchen! The lad also likes to help you tidy up but just makes the place look untidy again!  Although the boy has oodles of character he will always come over for a cuddle and even a face wash if you are sitting down, sometimes even trying to sit on you, we think he thinks he is a terrier!

Hermit enjoys going out for his walks, he will trot along next to you, exploring he’s new surroundings.

He enjoys being outside and on the go, he would love a family who enjoy being outside just as much as he does.  Hermit can jump in a car with ease, but does try it on that he can’t do it sometimes but then once in settles down, waiting to arrive at an exciting place with you!

After all the enjoyment of having lovely food, a fantastic walk and helping with the chores, Hermit will settle down on his bed for a nice snooze!  Once he is awake again, which could be a while later, he would be quite happy to play with his toys until you are ready for more exciting adventures.  Hermit the dream dog is waiting for you!

The boy enjoys his food and will give you a clean boy at every meal time, you may want to invest in a gobble bowl for this chap, to make feeding times last a little longer and more fun for him! Hermit has a sweet tooth and treats go down very nicely too!  Watch out lad, we still want to see your waist band!

“Is this my best side?!”

This lad could be an only dog in the house or he could live with another greyhound or breed of dog, if in the shape/lookalike or is a sighthound.  Living with another dog would give him confidence meeting other smaller dogs but it isn’t an essential criteria for his new home.

At this stage, he isn’t sure what other breeds of dog are and can be timid when seeing them.  Hermit needs an owner that can continue his training around other breeds and show him there is no need to be afraid.  He can at these times be a bit stronger on the lead, as he does try to avoid having to meet or see them by hiding behind your legs.  Poor Hermit.  With correct training and socialisation this will improve but it won’t be achievable overnight.  We will be able to support his owner in continuing this training and in time he will learn that other breeds of dog are friendly too.  He is a quick learner and is already making good progress, we will continue with training him until he finds his own home.

A home with older children or an only adult home would be ideal, for the boy.  We would recommend using a crate for him, especially if his new home had children involved, this would give him his own safe place for some much needed sleep after having fun with his new family! He likes to follow you around either for some cuddles or to enjoy some play bowing sessions with you.

Hermit enjoys playing with you and with his toys, he enjoys watching them fly through the air, sometimes running after them, picking them up and collecting them in his bed!  Fluffy toys are his favourite followed by tennis balls, he is going to make a lovely pet for some lucky family.

No cats please.

Please make an appointment to view this lovely lad.

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