Lemur Has Been Homed


Lemur is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, was born on 2nd November 2015 and is now reserved.

She is an average sized, lively, blue and white girl.

Lemur can be strong on the lead and needs to learn how to walk nicely, she is responsive to training so with consistency she should learn quickly.

She has met other breeds of dog and requires further socialisation and training with smaller breeds before she will accept them as friends.  With time and training she is capable of learning to accept them as friends and possible play mates.

Lemur is not suitable for small children, cats or small fluffies. An adult or teenage home would be perfect for her.  She needs to learn some manners as she has a tendency to jump up at people and is a bit of a counter surfer so will need a confident owner who can give her some boundaries.

She likes toys especially cuddly ones, so she would like some teenagers to play with.

Lemur would love an active family with lots going on. Plenty of training and exercise is the way forward in order to mould Lemur into a perfect pet.

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