Lester Has Been Homed


Lester has been homed.

He is a well built, but average sized, castrated black and white male who was born in November 2006.

He has a very healthy appetite, but pleasingly he is non-aggressive around food with people and other dogs. Well mannered during human meal times too. A good boy who just has hollow legs!

Lester is friendly, playful and outgoing. This boy loves everyone. He walks very nicely on a lead, travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings.

Lester is limited on the amount of exercise he can have. This is due to a healed, but previously broken hock. The joint is fused and he is quite able to move around and use it, but extensive exercise is uncomfortable for him.

Lester has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around them. He’s a regular ambassador for the greyhound breed at dog shows/events that we attend.

He would be suitable as a companion to other dogs/bitches of any size.

Lester must have a home where firm boundaries exist and where they are practised. He is a bit of a worrier otherwise and he can fret if he doesn’t understand what is happening or what is expected of him. He has been crate trained and is just as happy witha crate as without one.

Lester would best suit a home with teenage children or just adults. He’s a very loving, cuddly boy who is fond of giving sloppy kisses.

Clean in the home and able to be left for reasonable periods without problems. Lester considers a plastic dog bed to be a dog hammock as he’s a regular flat on his back with legs in the air dog in one of these, especially after meals. Interesting twitches, snuffles and tail wagging plus contortionist type potitions can entertain you for hours!

Lester has passed our cat test. He would be suitable to live with cats given initial caution and vigilance.

Suitable for an adult home.

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