Otter Has Been Homed


Otter has been homed – 30.10.20.

Otter is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 1st October 2020 and she was born on 1st May 2016.

She is very nervous, small girl, around new people and her surroundings.  This little lady is going to need an owner who is prepared to work with her, to overcome her fears and unlock the true girl that she really is.

Otter is going to need a confident owner who will not pander to her fears but gains her trust so she can really love the world outside of kennels.  She would benefit from a canine friend or a quiet home where her owners were around most of the day and have time to help this lovely little girl blossom.

She enjoys being outside, walking with friends over farm land and quiet streets, at present busy street walking is just too much for this lovely little girl.  Otter doesn’t understand that cars, bikes, joggers, people you meet out and about mean her no harm, this is going to take her a while, to overcome those fears.

Otter does enjoy her food, she will now take treats from familiar people that she trusts and food is a way to overcome some of her nervous strands.

This little lass has met our small dog friends and although she is still learning that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, she just wants to be friends with them.  They also help her to relax whilst she is in their company.

Do you have the time, patience and energy that this little girl needs?  Do you have another dog that can help her overcome these fears?  Ring our adoption line if you feel you could give this sweet natured girl a loving home.

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