Rocco Has Been Homed


Rocco has been homed – 8.6.24.

Rocco is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on 13th of May 2024 and he was born on the 1st of October 2020.

This young boy would rather play than run around a race track!

Rocco is a friendly boy and loving boy.  This lad has always got a huge smile on his face, never a sad day with him around.  How could you resist not falling in love with him?!

He enjoys going out for walks, he will trot alongside you and enjoys all that he sees.  Rocco will greet new people with a waggy tail, a lovely smile and is polite with his manners!  He LOVES his food, sometimes a little too much but will take treats gently from your hand, what a lovely boy he is!   Rocco could do with putting some more weight on, he currently is at racing weight and showing a few too many ribs.  I’m sure it won’t be long for this boy to start filling out, the amount of food that he eats!

Rocco especially enjoys going out for car journeys and will jump in the back of a car with ease, he soon settles down and is very eager the other end to get out and start his new adventure!

He has met many other breeds of dog, he shows them his politeness with his manners and would quite like to play with them, if correct introductions were carried out.  His gorgeous smile never ends and he will greet his doggie friends exactly the same as his human ones – waggy tail, huge smile and polite manners!  Rocco can get VERY excited if he sees other dogs playing and having fun, he really just wants to go and play but forgets that he is on the lead!

This lad LOVES to play!  He will play with toys, his friends (canine and human), Rocco just likes to live life to the full and is always a happy boy!  This lad can get very excited when he is playing with you but soon calms down by listening to his handler.

Throw a toy for our boy and he will continue playing with it, making his own games up: throwing high into the air and then taking off to catch it!

After all that fun, Rocco just LOVES finding his bed and having some quite snooze time.  Rocco loves laying in the crate (door open), where he feels safe and is often found in there having his sleep time.

Rocco has the potential to live with another dog of any size, providing introductions are carried out.  He could also be an only dog if he had company for part of the day, being young he is going to have more energy than an older dog and will need stimulating through toys, walks and human time!  He would make a great family pet, he is a real gentle boy just wanting to please his owner.   Rocco could live with children over the age of 6 years.

All our volunteers just love our gorgeous Rocco he is really soppy and just wants to be with his human friends enjoying life to the full!

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