Shadow Has Been Homed


Shadow has now been homed – 19/5/20.

Shadow is in foster care near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 27th February 2020 and he was born on the 11th December 2014.

He is house trained and shows his lovely calm manners in his foster home.

This lad is a friendly and active boy who enjoys being around people.  Shadow is very affectionate and he loves to bury his head anywhere on you as his way for an extra special cuddle!

He loves to play with toys, his favourite being soft ones, that he can enjoy running around with.  He also likes a game of football!  Any football fans around?

This boy can run! I think he has forgotten he is not on the race track anymore!

In the home environment Shadow has shown his gentleman side – when sharing toys with his foster brothers.  He quite like the sausages on a string toy, this keeps him amused for a long period of time!

He can get a little excited whilst waiting for his lead to be put on.  Shadow has learnt to stand calmly though whilst you talk to people you meet, even if they have small dogs with them.  Shadow normally walks well on his lead, when you pass a calm dog, he has learnt to walk calmly too.

If he comes across an excitable/running dog then he gets excited, ears up, a little stronger on the lead and he will try to turn round to see them as he walks past, a strong hand will be needed for this boy, just incase he sees something of interest!

He has met other breeds of dog and he currently needs more socialisation and training with smaller breeds before he will accept them as friends.  Greyhound Lifeline will support his new owners with effective strategies to use when training him around other breeds.

Shadow would be best suited to a home with teenagers or an adult only home.

Shadow having a rest on foster brother Arty’s behind!

He is very responsive to his handler, once he trusts them and is learning new commands in his small dog training.  He has even learnt his name and will happily run to you for some attention.

He is a boy who loves his food, he has an appetite that can go on and on!

Anyone interested in adopting Shadow should contact the rehoming team who can update you on his progress around other dogs.

Shadow with his foster brothers Ferret and Arty.

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