Lady's Greyhound Blog - Part 2

Day 4.

Dear Greyhound Lifeline

I thought I’d give you an update.

You didn’t tell me what hard work this was going to be. I have to inspect things frequently because my folk keep moving some things about. They are really miserable at times, d’you know they
won’t let me put my nose into their food on the table! I get fed up with their attitude, them pushing me away saying NO! So I lie down, they leave me alone then.

Talk about confusion, they keep opening those cupboards, one in particular, listen to this, sometimes I’m give something to eat from it, other times I’m ignored, it doesn’t seem fair to me.

Yesterday, after two nights, I saw my chance and grabbed this bag, I liked its smell, it seemed to be quite edible, when I tried to kill it, the stupid thing burst and showered everywhere, it covered half of the lounge, with what they said was bird seed. It was fun, they spent half an hour on their hands and knees getting it back into another bag. D’you know, they wouldn’t let me play with it again! I did try hard! How mean can they get?

Whenever I have to take my folk out, (I put up with the inconvenience just to humour them) I can’t get back inside quick enough, I know the best places to be warm. I follow Joan about for most of the time between naps because every now and then she gives me food, I’m always hungry. When they settle down I can have a good sleep. They really do need some training. Oh! And the other greyhounds when we’re out, I’ve never seen such different shapes and sizes, I’m very nervous about meeting some of them, John talks to me, fondles me and makes sure they don’t upset me too much.

Lady in her home - photo

Yesterday we all went out in my car, I like my special hammock in the back. They said it was a ‘dummy run’ I enjoyed that, we went to a pub, but for THEIR lunch, Huh! They took a warm rug for me to lie on. First, I had to explore and check the place out, everyone was so friendly and some nice folk even stroked me.

There were other hounds there too but not my sort. When I realised they weren’t going to share their food, again, (I’m on a loser here) I soon got bored and so I laid down on my rug by the warm log fire. The pub boss-man brought a handful of biscuits over for ME, they are FREE and kept in a dish on the bar – how about that, but I wasn’t allowed to fetch any more. My old folk said they were testing ME! I ask you’!

They are going again on Friday to meet John’s brother and his wife who are down from the Midlands, I suppose I’ll have to go again and humour them.

Today, Thursday, I managed to grab a fatty block of food, they said it was for the birds, John took it off me, I tried hard to keep it but sadly he won. Huh! Why the birds? I ask you, how daft is that? When I could eat it.

We’ve had to take Bramble, a black Labrador, walking, yesterday and today, her Mum is in hospital, and her Dad has to work. I’m really miffed about this because John lets her off her leash, we just ignore each other for most of the time. Huh, wait ‘till I get off! I’m happy with the kissing gate now, oh and the TV. I just tend to ignore it and sleep. It isn’t on most of the time so it is peaceful.

Joan’s niece wants me to repeat my ‘standing on the dining table’ and the bird seed tricks again so that John can take a picture to prove that I can do these things, Joan said ‘definitely NOT!’ Sad isn’t it? And really not very encouraging for me, is it? However I’m bound to think of something else clever, soon, I’ll let you know. They are supposed to be my pets but they’ve go so much to learn yet!

Lots of Love


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