Lady's Greyhound Blog - Part 3

Day 7.

Dear Greyhound Lifeline,

Well, it’s not been too bad this week. I behaved myself like Jane told me to.

The old folk do move about a lot, I have to keep checking up on them to make sure they are both still around, I like best it when they settle down in the same room I can sleep properly then.

Joan has a weird toy, I tried to play with it but it didn’t behave in the same way for me, I pulled it, it came off the sticks and across the floor, she took it off me and called it her knitting. Sometimes I manage to get a paper bag that smells good, I pull it to pieces but strangely the food seems to have disappeared, it is so disappointing.

I get peeved with John, when he opens the boot of his car I try to jump in and he won’t let me, he expected ME to lie on the back seat, I just humour him and put up with his strange ideas.

On Friday he took me to a place he said Molly liked, he said it is called a Forest Lawn, a huge open flat space, I wasn’t having any of that, after a while I turned around and tugged him all the way back to the car. He was amazed that I pulled and that I knew where the car was parked. He tried again, I did the same thing, he then got the message and we went home, what does he think I am? If he thinks he’s going to leave me behind he’s mistaken, I made sure I was going home.

They do have some daft ideas, we went to a pub for lunch with John’s brother and his wife, Joan couldn’t eat all her food and wrapped it up to take it home ‘for the birds’, she said.  Blow the birds, what about me I thought, so I helped myself out of her handbag. Would you believe it they took it off me. How mean can they get!  One minute they are being all lovey-dovey and the next minute they are taking something away from me. I notice some things are being put higher, like food on top of the piano, they are so mean with some things. I’ve stopped trying to get their food from their table now, I just lie down.

Picture of Lady and her food

Of course my muzzle was forgotten about from day 2, thank goodness. I’m meeting hoards of weird looking hounds, I’ve snapped at two, their folk liked that and told me it was GOOD!  Sometimes I just want to go home, but John makes me stay, he talks to me until either the strange animals pass by, or, we meet and have a sniff.

When we get back to our gates, John lets me loose in the front drive, sometimes we go into the back garden where I show him how I can run. Sometimes when he’s messing about outside I follow him around a bit but I ALWAYS want to get back inside to my food or my bed. I tell him by standing at the gate or the French window, or the back door.

Mo phoned Joan today, she is going to come and see me after Christmas, that will be nice, maybe we can go for a walk with Mo and Lorien, I’ll take John, or Joan along too. John thinks Mo wants to see Tom’s Down where I take John twice a day for his exercise. Oh, I also go there, when I get up, with Joan and two of her friends with one Westy (Barney), one Whippet (Tilly) and one Lurcher, he is Turbo and we have a few sniffs together and ignore the other two.  I get a lot of admiration and fuss out there.

Yesterday John put me into a harness, it felt very strange at first, I refused to walk but he coaxed me, he’s a real charmer you know!

I tried it on last night. After they put me to bed with my Bonios, I cried loudly. Aha! It worked. They came back, but John took me out again! On my leash.  Huh! I didn’t mean that, the next time I cried they ignored me, so I gave up and went to sleep.

Lots of Love


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