Summer Has Arrived!

As the days start to warm up, we would like to remind you of some top tips to ensure your dogs stay cool and happy.

  1. Walk your dog early morning or late at night when the temperature is cooler, try walking them in shady places and avoid tarmac

“I love footballs but I am only allowed to play with them when it is cool” Marshall explains!

2. Ensure your dog has access to cool areas inside

3. Avoid car journeys and use air-conditioning if necessary

4. Ensure your dog has access to clean fresh water, dogs may drink more in hotter weather so ensure their bowls are checked regularly

5. NEVER leave your dog in a parked car during hot weather – dogs can overheat in a matter of minutes causing multi-organ failure and death

6. Use cooling pads, fans or cooling coats to cool your dog down

7. If concerned about your dogs excessive panting or unusual symptoms in this warm weather, contact your veterinary surgery for advice immediately.

Kennel Opening Hours:

Please note all volunteers (kennel hands included), visitors and customers must pre-book visits to our site which will involve bringing a non-resident dog on site.

We are asking for at least 24 hours’ notice of your dog’s arrival, details of the day/time you wish to bring your dog(s) and how many dogs you propose to bring. We will endeavour to give you a suitable appointment time, but please appreciate that we can only be as flexible as our lease permits and you may be offered an alternative time/day instead.

You can pre-book your dog’s visit by:

Email to, by text or phone to 07828 138378 (Marie) or 07769 348310 (Lucy).

The above pre-booking applies to visiting dogs only.

Volunteers and customers without dogs joining them are welcome during opening hours as per normal. Viewings remain by appointment only as previously.


Morrisons, Fleet Collection – Saturday 31st August

Blue Cross Fun Day & Dog Event, Southampton – Saturday 7th September

Fleet Street Collection – Saturday 14th September

Redfields Garden Centre Collection – Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October

Guildford Street Collection – Saturday 16th November

The Meadows, Camberley – Sunday 1st December

Farnborough Street Collection – Saturday 7th December

Homed Dogs:

Caos, Annie and Spritzer.

Well done Annie!

Dogs in Foster Care:

Cinders and Kara.

Reserved Dogs:


Cat Trainable Greyhounds:


New Arrivals:

Chip, Ricardo and Jordy.

Ricardo “I’m coming!”

If you would like to meet this greyhound or any of our resident greyhounds please call or email Greyhound Lifeline’s Adoption team to arrange a viewing.

Playful Chip

All our home seeking greyhounds have updated their personal pages, please check them out and find the greyhound waiting for you!


Our stocks are now low, if you can help by donating any unwanted gifts – un-opened smellies, perfume, childrens’ toys, games (board and electronic), DVD`s, jewellery and small electrical items including power tools, radios, computer accessories and watches are most wanted, we would be very grateful.


Bedding:  Thank you for all the bedding that has been donated to the centre, we are now fully stocked up.

Treats:  The kennel residents are getting a bit worried as we are running very low on Bonio’s and soft treats, if you could donate a packet or two they will be very happy.

Toys:  If you have any soft toys that we could use for the kennel dogs but also on our tombola stalls at local events we would be very grateful.

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