Ebony Has Been Homed


Ebony greyhound profile

Ebony has been homed.

She is a small sized, gentle and affectionate, black spayed bitch who was born in November 2009.

Ebony walks nicely on a lead, she travels well, but at this point she still requires assistance to get into a car.

Ebony black bitch

She has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around them. Ebony would be suitable as an only pet or as a companion to another dog of any size. She has also been cat tested and passed. So with initial caution and vigilance we feel that Ebony will be able to learn to live safely with cats.

Ebony likes to play with toys. she is generally well behaved and plays nicely without being snatchy. She is learning to “drop” on command, but isn’t quite there yet.

Ebony would suit novice owners or more experienced ones and she’d also be fine with young children.

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