Ghost Has Been Homed


Ghost is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 2nd of December  2019 and he was born on the 11th June 2017.

Ghost has been homed – 25/1/20

He is a friendly, gentle blue boy who loves to be around people and other dogs.  Ghost has met our small doggie friends and with careful introductions he would be able to live with a smaller or other breed of dog.  He sometimes forgets he is a lot bigger than his smaller doggie friends and needs reminding to be gentle around them!

Ghost loves his food and will give you a clean bowl at every mealtime.  He also enjoys his walks, after the initial excitement of going out he will trot alongside you, exploring the new adventure with you!  Ghost is young and needs clear boundaries so he understands what is acceptable.

Being young Ghost wants to explore everything with you, watch out though as this boy loves to see what is on top of the kitchen surfaces!  He needs help getting into a car for outtings but with some simple training involving food he should be able to learn pretty quickly how to do it for himself.

Ghost loves to play with toys and you, we hope you have a big toy box as this boy will need one!

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