Kara Has Been Homed


Kara was born on 1st November 2015 and has now been homed – 16/8/19.

She is a medium sized, friendly girl who enjoys human company once she has got to know you.

Kara is a gentle and extremely well behaved girl, who walks beautifully on a lead. She is quietly affectionate, but not pushy or demanding.

She travels well in a car, loves going out for walks, is a good eater and is now house trained.

With careful introductions Kara is sociable with all breeds of dog.

Kara is a special girl who is going to need a very ‘special owner’.  She is a girl that is prone to having corns that develop on her pads quite frequently.

Kara gets very excited around walking time, can’t wait to go out and explore and now has her very own boots to wear for each occasion.  She is such a good girl she even lifts up her front paws for you so they can be quickly put on.  With her boots on, she is more comfortable at walking and can now enjoy several half an hour walks each day (sometimes a little longer).

Her owner needs to understand her needs and accept that long walks are not for this girl.  Kara deserves her own home just like all the other greyhounds waiting in kennels.

For more information about this sweet girl, please phone our adoption line.  If you adopt this girl and live locally to Fleet we will be able to take the corns out for her when/as they reappear.  Kara is very patient and will lay down whilst they are being removed, quite happily, enjoying a tummy rub!

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