Nelson Has Been Homed


Nelson black dogNelson has been homed.

He is a large sized, gentle and friendly, black, castrated male of 40kg who was born in June 2008.

Nelson walks very nicely on a lead. He travels well and is good getting in and out of a car for journeys.

Nelson has met other breeds of dog and has given us no cause for concern around them. He would be best suited as an only pet or as a companion to a bitch of any size.

Nelson black male

Nelson is a very “laid back”, gentle and affectionate boy, but due to his cautious nature we’d prefer an adult only home or one with older children. (He shows fear at sudden movements and/or loud voices). We simply feel that Nelson would find toddlers or loud, active youngsters too overwhelming.

Once Nelson in confident in your company he likes to play. He is only mildly interested in toys, but he adores having a sprint and a crazy spinning session in the garden! He’s very solid, it is best therefore to keep clear when he does have his mad moments as it is quite painful if he accidentally bashes into you!

During play Nelson will sometimes “mouth” your hand or arm. Mouthing is a completely, non-aggressive form of play, but it could easily be misinterpreted by someone unfamiliar with dogs and their behaviour.

Nelson has passed our cat test and has had some in the home training living with a cat. With caution he will learn to fully accept a new cat as part of his pack.

A very cuddly boy who enjoys a tummy tickle and just being with you. Nelson has a very healthy appetite and is not at all fussy. If dinner should be late arriving he will let you know that you have forgotten about his empty tummy by whimpering!

Nelson is exceptionally clean in the home. He has required no house training as he’s done nothing inappropriate at all in the month or so he has been with his current foster carers.

He’s non destructive, quiet (apart from when he is hungry) and he can be left for reasonable periods without any problems. He is happy to rest/sleep in a crate and just as happy out of one. He seems to favour a crate initially as a safe place until he becomes familiar with the household and routines. The first 2 weeks in foster care the crate was his den of choice, but nowadays he sleeps wherever he fancies.

Nelson’s coat is now much nicer than in the photograph above, but he currently sports a very large shaved patch where he had surgery to remove a suspicious lump. Thankfully the lump was sent off for testing and it was nothing more than a follicular cyst. No cause to worry therefore, Nelson is a perfectly healthy boy.

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  1. In the unlikely event that Nelson is still available when we return to the UK for good (end August), my very well behaved/ good with animals 10 year old daughter and I would love to adopt Nelson! He sounds perfect for us!

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