Nero Has Been Homed


Nero has been homed – 30.10.21.

Nero is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 2nd September 2021 and he was born on the 1st June 2017.

He is a friendly, fun, loving boy.  This chap is solidly built, a black, male who is a very friendly, fun, loving boy.

Nero enjoys being outside, on the go and being around people, no sad day with this boy around!  If you are a sporty person, or someone who enjoys the outside then this chap is your man!

He loves getting into a car for his outings and will settle down quickly, ready for the next adventure.

This gorgeous lad really does enjoy his food, if you blink you will miss him gobble up his meals and then he even washes the bowl for you too!  Nero can brush his own teeth too, give him a nice bone and he will be kept busy for a few hours whilst he crunches through it and cleans his own sparkling teeth.

Nero could be an only dog in the house or he could live with another dog of any size. He has social manners and will introduce himself calmly and politely to all dogs he meets.  What a polite boy he is!

Nero with little Chloe.

This lad LOVES to PLAY!  He enjoys EVERY TOY, he will chase after them, enjoying his playtime and making up his own games/rules as he runs along!  Nero is very good at giving up his toys so you can throw again.

Are you looking for an active greyhound or do you enjoy walking in the countryside?  Nero could be the chap for you.  How can you not resist that puppy face and those gorgeous eyes!

Nero with his tennis ball.

This gentle giant, with floppy ears and over sized feet is a stunner.  Nero loves a sneaky cuddle with you and will stand very nicely whilst you stroke him.  His big eyes will stare at you, with a sad look, which usually gains him extra cuddles!  Nero can be calm but also has his excitable side, being large he can be strong however this is only used if he catches a glimpse of a squirrel or rabbit in front of him.

Nero really is our gentle giant!

He could be homed to an adult home or one that has children over the age of ten years.  Do you or your children love reading?  This is the boy you need – he just loves cuddling up to you whilst you read out loud.  One special greyhound.

Like Nero’s profile?  Get in contact and arrange a viewing, this boy will go quick, he is sooo.. adorable.

No cats please.

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