September Has Arrived!

What a busy and warm few months we have all had!  We hope the summer has given you some time to rest and you are now ready for the Autumn!

Septembers Collection:

We will be in Fleet on Saturday 25th September, collecting along the high street.

It would be lovely if you came along and saw us.  Lots of greyhound cuddles will be available too!  If you would like to help at this event please let us know, we look forward to seeing some familiar faces on the 25th September.


Rustic Fair

Thank you to our Dorset crew, who went ‘crazy’ at the Rustic Fair in Verwood, on Bank Holiday Monday in August.

The team (greyhounds) worked hard all day and the humans too, to ensure lots of pennies were made, to support the greyhounds in our care!  It was an amazing day, the public were very supportive and this was shown through the money they donated.

Teddy tombola was a hit with the children and adults of course!  Aqua Jewellery did very well too, all items hand-made.  The greyhound products were also snapped up and another hit for the day, was the ‘crochet hand-made greyhounds’.  I don’t think the team had long to sit down between customers!

Well done and thank you for raising funds to support all the greyhounds in our care.

Kennel News

While many people have been away, we have continued to work hard with our kennel greyhounds, getting them adjusted, ready for home life.

Summit who everyone loves and adores, is a special greyhound to us.  He might not have had the best of starts but he is certainly enjoying the outside world now!  Summit gets very excited when he sees his handler coming to collect him for ‘days out in the real world’, he will run to the gate and back, with a big waggy tail, waiting for his handler, to be ready to go!

Summit enjoying a head rest on his pal Captain.

Whilst out on his walks Summit has been learning about other breeds of dog as well as all the noises, smells and gazing at all things there are to watch!  He really does have a lot to learn but takes it all in his stride.

Summit greeting small Chloe nicely using his manners.

Summit is struggling with kennel life and just prefers to be out and about with the people he knows, sometimes being a bit cheeky but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

If you feel you could give Summit that special home, please do get in contact.

Dog training

All of our greyhounds have been practising their social skills around other dogs and in particular smaller ones.

For some of our greyhounds this has been quite challenging whilst others, just want to play.  Sheen, Nero, Jester and Summit would just like to play and have fun with any dog.  The other greyhounds we have, are all working extremely hard and have made fantastic progress in the short time they have been with us.

Update on COVID & Full Opening of Greyhound Lifeline:

Covid 19 forced Greyhound Lifeline to adapt their working practices.

These adaptations (reduced greyhound numbers and single kennel hands on duty,) have paid dividend to the greyhounds in our care.

Each individual greyhound can now be assessed, retrained and ready to adopt far quicker than before.  This means that long stay greyhounds are no longer clogging spaces, even the initially challenging greyhound can be rehabilitated and ready to home in significantly less time.  This keeps intake and homings moving.

Extra training, patience and time given to individual greyhounds, mean long stayers rarely occur.  We ALL want each greyhound to spend less time with us, (even though they may be our favourite(s)) and find the best home for them.  For these reasons we will remain operating in this way for the foreseeable.

Please be rest assured that all our greyhounds are exercised each day and appropriately stimulated by our kennel hands.  Having less greyhounds means we can take them out to the ‘outside world’ and get them used to seeing everyday objects and sounds.  The greyhounds can also practise their socialisation skills around other breeds of dog.

Since COVID (lockdown began) we have had to find new ways to stimulate the greyhounds in our care and being successful with all the homings.  This will remain at the heart of everything we do.

Please continue to support the work that we carry out, you can keep up-to-date with our latest news through visiting our Facebook page, website, helping at one of our street collection or contacting us through an email or telephone call.

Pre-arranged appointments for viewings, homings, purchasing goods from our shop (public can now come and browse our shop, if they have made a pre-arranged appointment) and nail cuttings/corn removal will remain the same.

Pre-arranged Appointments

Upon arrival, visitors will be met at our gate or car/park and escorted onto our premises.  We are asking all visitors to bring and use a mask whilst they visit us, hand sanitzer will be available, before entering.  We have lots of new items in our shop so make an appointment and come along to see us.  You will be very welcome!

In order to visit us please make an appointment by phoning 07769348310 or emailing in.  We cannot let you inside if you do not have a pre-arranged appointment.

Homings and Home Visits

Once you have homed a greyhound from us, our care to them and you doesn’t stop.  We will carry on supporting through phone calls or other means that we have agreed with you.  We are asking all our adopters to please contact us if they have any concerns or questions about their new pet, before it becomes a huge problem.  We really don’t mind what the question is or even if it seems like a daft one, we are here to help.

Please take time to think before adopting, at how you would cope with a range of situations and to ensure that dog/greyhound ownership is right for you and your family.  We are here to help so if you have any questions or just want to talk to us please pick up the phone and call us.

Our latest arrivals are: Airi, Nero, Jester, Nectar, Bumble, Bee and Summit.

Dogs In Foster Care:


Reserved Dogs:


Homed Dogs:

Nova, Loch and Diva.

Two year old Sheen.  Anyone looking for a two year old greyhound?  If you are, we have two in our care. I’m sure neither will be with us long!

Playful Airi.

Car-boot Donations – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Our car boot duo are still working hard to bring those pennies in, for the greyhounds in our care.

Their stock is now very low with items, to sell at those car-boot sales.  We are asking you to please ask friends and family for suitable items that we could take of you.

Please keep your donations coming in folks, but please refer to our list of items that we can accept and also who to contact to pass on your donations.   See bottom of page for sale items.

Please do NOT drop items at our kennel premises, please contact us to find out our collection/drop off points.

Items Suitable for Car-Boot Sales:

Below is a list of items that they CAN sell really quickly, in order, for those pennies to keep coming in:

Jewellery (real or costume) includes broken gold/silver etc.

Watches (pocket’ wrist’ working or not)

Kitchen small appliances & kitchenware

Small Electronics

Phones, Cameras and Laptops

Tools (garden or DIY) & Garden Ornaments

Boxed Games, Jigsaws & Children’s Toys

Smellies (boxed or single)

Cigar boxes & Brass items


Dog leads, collars, toys, coats etc.

Please NOTE there are some items that the team CANNOT accept, these are:


DVDs & CDs (not Videos)

Books (Children’s & Adults)


If you have any items that you are able to donate or if you are unsure if your item can be used please email the couple on [email protected], or alternatively contact us on [email protected]  We will answer your email as soon as possible.  We will inform you where you can drop off your donations or if local the team may be able to collect from you.


We thank you all for your support during this difficult period, every donation sold will continue to support the greyhounds in our care.

Supporting Greyhound Lifeline:

If you would like to support the work that we carry out, knowing 100% of your donation will be spent on the care and welfare of our kennel greyhounds then please consider being a ‘Friend of Greyhound Lifeline’.  Click on the link to find out more about this scheme.

We have a range of other ways to support our work which are all really quick and easy to do.  Click on the link to find out more – How To Help Us.

Magma in her garden as a homed greyhound!


Bedding – thank you to everyone who has donated bedding but we CANNOT take anymore at this moment.

Ink Cartidges – we are still collecting empty (used), branded ink cartidges, if you have any please contact us so we can arrange a drop off place.

Collections – We are busy organising some Street Collections, which we are hoping to carry out later this year, September onwards.  If you would like to help at one of our collections or come along and see us then watch out for more information which we will share soon, alternatively email the kennels to express your interest.

Our first Street Collection is taking place on Saturday 25th September 2021 in Fleet High Street, come along and support us or if you would like to get involved please contact us by email or by phone – 07769348310.


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