Radnor Has Been Homed


Radnor has been homed.

He is a confident, friendly and gentle, black castrated male who was born in July 2007. He travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings.

Radnor’s foster carer describes him as follows:

“Radnor is an affectionate boy who loves to give kisses in plenty!!  He is a boy who loves his cuddles but will settle on his bed quickly afterwards.  Radnor enjoys a good game of ball or any toy that is thrown which he will chase and if you are lucky he will bring back to you.  At the moment his favourite toy is a big soft football.  Although he loves to play he also enjoys his bed with too much excitement resulting in lots of sleeping!

Radnor enjoys his walks and has learnt to walk nicely on his lead, he does still get a little excited when meeting new dogs but once introduced he often gives his new friend kisses.  Some further work still needs to be carried on when meeting ‘terrier’ size dogs as this is a little overwhelming for him.

In the house Radnor needs a friend as he doesn’t like being left alone.  He shares his foster home with a couple of greyhound friends who he gets on with very well.  He enjoys snuggling down with them at night to go to sleep and sleeps until morning sometimes having to wake him up for his walk!  He is happy to be left in the day with his friends whilst you go to work and will greet you with lots of kisses when you return!

Radnor enjoys his food and eats well, he loves his pudding (doggie treats, especially those of the softer kind, but he will eat crunchy biscuits if he has to)!”

Radnor needs a home without small children as the poor lad is rather scared of them. He much prefers the bigger versions that come as teenagers and adults. With bigger children Radnor is very comfortable.

If you already have a dog/bitch of medium size and above and you don’t have young children then please ask to meet Radnor, he’s been overlooked for too long now.


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