Kennel Restrictions - 14/05/20 until further notice


We Wish you all Good Health:

We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy during this crisis and we look forward to the day when it is safe to resume normal service. Greyhound Lifeline may be closed to most people however please rest assured that the greyhounds in our care are being well cared for and plenty of times for cuddles!

Jackson saying hello to everyone!

You can follow Greyhound Lifeline on our Facebook Page and on this website, we will keep you updated on all the dogs in our care, including new arrivals, everyday excitements at the kennels and in our foster homes and greyhounds that become reserved or homed.

Stanley having a little rest.

We have semi opened up our kennels, now that we have more kennel hands that have been self isolating. This means that we have been able to support our trainers with the welfare of more greyhounds during this very difficult period.

Fozzie enjoying paddock play.

These greyhounds will be cared for by seven kennel hands who have all been in isolation and live in the local area. The kennel day shift will be modified for our current situation, however they will all be cleaned out, fed, groomed, exercised, being given play time with people and of course tooth cleaning too. The only thing they are going without is the same thing as us; group interaction with different people.

Titan stretching his legs.

The seven kennel hands will work in isolation with a kennel manager on standby for emergencies.

We are very grateful for the numerous offers of help we have and continue to receive, but we do need everyone except our self isolating volunteer kennel hands to stay away. This minimises the risk of infection to them and maximises the well-being of our dogs who are totally reliant on these seven people.

We would also like to thank all our foster homes for taking a greyhound in to support Greyhound Lifeline through the initial Lockdown period.

Soda – whilst she was in foster.

These greyhounds were very lucky to spend extra time with people they knew best.  A positive for us during this difficult time is most of these greyhounds have been reserved or homed by their foster families.

Amigo and his little friend.

We have two greyhounds still in foster who are working hard on their foster families  – watch this space!

Hula working hard on her foster family.

Dog Food Sales:

We now are in a position where we can sell dog food again to our regular volunteers. Due to this lock down the procedures for buying dog food are slightly different for everyone’s safety.

We have a pre-booking system and with immediate payment by bank transfer only. You can either phone on us 07769348310 or by email –, we will inform you where collection will take place from after we have received your order. Please note that purchases will be limited to a maximum of 2 x 15kg sacks per household until further notice.

New Dogs:

Hannibal, Pluto, Titan, Stanley, Jackson and Fozzie.

Reserved Dogs:

Hannibal, Pluto, Eagle, Worzel and Fozzie.

Shadow having a rest on his brother Arty’s behind!

Homed Dogs:




The lockdown has severely limited our capability to home our lovely greyhounds. If you are interested in adopting one of our hounds, please get in contact with us by either phoning – 07769348310 or by email on We can discuss with you how you can move forward with adopting one of our greyhounds. We will treat each enquiry on an individual basis and we can discuss with you different options that are available for your circumstances.


All Greyhound Lifeline fundraising and awareness events are cancelled until further notice. If you have committed to helping us or visiting us at one of our events please keep the dates noted. The future status of events will be determined by both a risk assessment and Government guidelines.


Our regular appeals for saleable items, are temporarily suspended. If you have the space to keep these items clean and dry until we are able to re-open then we look forward to be able to making use of them in the future.

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