Damsel is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 20th July 2020 and she was born on 24th of July 2016.

She is a blue, friendly female who has a very gentle side but can be that ‘Tom Boy Character’  when she want to!

Damsel enjoys going out for walks, she can be a little noisy, wants to know what is going on around her and sometimes forgets she is out for a walk with her human friend!

She is able to jump into the car very daintily and shows off to the boys have fast and high she can jump to get inside!  Damsel can have a bit of a sneaky side which she keeps hidden until she has built a clear bond up with her human friends.  She will need an owner who keeps boundaries/rules strong and consistent as this girl is definitely one who would try her luck if she can, a firm and consistent owner is needed for this ‘blue eyed Damsel’!

This girl loves to play and will chase after you, she is learning how much fun she can have with toys. Damsel isn’t quite sure what most toys are but give her a cuddly teddy and she has a ball of a time!

She also enjoys a good game of catch me with her human friends, no escaping exercise with this one, she loves to be on her toes.

Damsel enjoys investigating her outside space and boundaries, she is always looking for gaps so she can go and welcome who/what ever is the other side of the fence, so no naps with this little lady as she will certainly find them!

This girl needs to have a no nonsenses family who are very consistent on commands and everyday tasks.  She could happily live with another dog of medium size and above.  Damsel loves being outside, if you like the outside space then this little girl would love to join you! She is still exploring what small dogs are and how to greet them nicely, her new family need to continue her training around other breeds of dog.  Damsel could live with children 10 years plus who understand and obey the simple rules to have around any dog.

It would be of a benefit for her to have her own special place in the house, where she can feel calm, safe and have some still time to recharge her energy again.  Damsel may benefit from a crate or a quiet place to just chill out in and regain that energy for round 2!

Damsel would enjoy learning some simple commands within the house and out of walks.  Her active mind would be actively engaged with learnt commands and help channel her energy.  This may be a challenge for a greyhound to learn new commands but I am sure she will do well, especially if you were working with food to learn these commands!

No cats please.

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