Rocket Has Been Homed


Rocket has been homed.

He is an average sized, confident and friendly, black, castrated male who was born in April 2007.

Rocket walks nicely on a lead, he travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings. He’s far from boring though. Rocket loves to race his fellow greyhounds, to play with you or just run around like a complete loon.

He has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around them. He would be suitable as an only pet or as a companion to another dog/bitch of medium size and above.

Rocket is a “mouther”, he likes to grab your hand when excited/playing. Mouthing is not biting, but it can frighten young children especially, hence saying this boy needs a home with teenagers or adults capable of understanding his little habit for what it is -excited play.

No cats please.

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